A downloadable soft

a game for the carta jam, featuring the carta srd by peach garden games. i was several days too late to submit lol

requires any die, a 52-deck of cards, a token, and place to tally. (or you can just read the story text without these materials, i guess!)

soft_bwprint.pdf is for printing on US letter-sized paper.

soft_screen.pdf is for using with your screen. it has colour and a gallery of images! (recommended)


i am personally uncomfortable with payment for my work, but Peach Garden Games encourages it. here are options I am comfortable with:

1. pay it forward. donate to charity. do something nice. something along those lines. but don't brag about it to anybody, not even me.

2. if you're part of this Carta Jam, a barter works for me. i will also accept solo ttrpgs not included in the Solo But Not Alone bundle (I already have it), but just know i'm prioritising the games in the bundle and writing about them.

3. something from my bandcamp wishlist.  this way you are paying an artist who is comfortable accepting money, plus the bonus that i will think of you everytime i listen to that album. my itch.io wishlist is okay too, but i usually only play games once.

CategoryPhysical game
Release date May 16, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
GenreCard Game
TagsTabletop role-playing game
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


soft_bwprint.pdf 132 kB
soft_screen.pdf 2 MB


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Given the, ahem, softer nature of this ttrpg (lol), would you rate your game as E+?


lol! yeah probably!


FYI: I've been highlighting Solo But Not Alone 3 in my twitter feed: https://twitter.com/RabbitMatchGame/status/1620624800598327296

What didn't make the 280-char limit was a line asking who can resist a game where insects are your friends?


I love you too.  :)


Your games are all so varied and creative. I admire your work

eeee thank uuu !!

Soft is a very gentle and dream-like experience that does lean to the cutesy-random. I enjoyed the love put into the game and the energy you end up creating for yourself as you play it, and the self care/irl tasks throughout it are very sweet. 

While I don't think it's something I see myself coming back to a lot, I will definitely be thinking of the experience of having played it at all for a while.

Thank you for your work :}


My favorite carta game. It's extremely different from most games (there is indeed no goal and no competition, instead it's an experience) and eccentric in the best ways. My play session was like sinking into a friendly, cozy dream with breaks for small self care IRL (I totally forgot I liked that song...). Also the game has weirdly gotten me to feel less afraid of some arthropods.

I love soft, and I feel certain soft loves me back, and that makes a lot of things ok.  I will return to soft from time to time.


thank you so much for letting me know. what a treat!


A soft game that encourages self care, that's pretty dang sweet