made for the bitsy essay jam

shoutout to ian martin's piece

CLINT IS NOT AN INCEL: A WORD ON FATNESS AND MASCULINITY for inspiring me to want to make a bitsy

and thanks to em for cheering me on yayy

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This is great! i love compiling lists of favourites but i think they're really only accurate for the moment i make them, my tastes change so much with mood


hell yeah! tony hawk 2 for gba is the only tony hawk game i've played.. for the longest time i thought they were all just like that i didn't realise it was a port from a more sophisticated game


yess totally agree, more personal best-of lists sounds awesome :D I always freeze up when people ask me what my favourite/list of best whatever is because I feel like I'm being asked to analyze all of my experiences and games knowledge instantly and come up with some well-reasoned response.. where in reality it's going to change depending on what day you ask me, or even what hour of that day, how I'm feeling and what experiences I had with games in the past and what resonates with how I'm currently feeling. Maybe I wouldn't feel that pressure if I approached it more from this personal perspective. Thanks for making this :)


i enjoyed this! lists & opinions r overwhelming. also i was playing the thps1+2 remake earlier tonight. 

thank uuu<3