A downloadable manifesto

The manifesto is spread throughout these 5 tiny browser games.

manifesto (Bravitzlana)

manifesto (DungeonScript)

manifesto (flickgame) (cw: cartoon nudity)

manifesto (pling pling)

manifesto (PuzzleScript)


If you don’t want to play these games, here is the text below:

3D is better than 2D.
2.5D is better than 2D.
2D is fine if there’s lots of effects

Abstract is always better than concrete

Avoid realism

Better Accessibility!

Cishet white males are okay if they're genuine allies and are submissive and they do what we want

Fuck nostalgia, make futuristic games

Genre agnosticism!

I don’t get RPGs or strategies or simulations they feel like homework sorry ):

I want to see sexy gay minotaurs!

Keep violence minimal

Low poly objects are sexy, mysterious, and imaginative. Use them more.

Make more games from easy-to-use game-making tools!

More cute affable bear protagonists

More happiness and positivity

More queers, poc, disabled, + underrepresented people!

More raw autobiographies

More relaxing and ambient games!

Short games are better than long ones

Warioware-likes are the best


Engines are:

Bravitzlana by Marek Kapolka

DungeonScript by Farbs (based on PuzzleScript)

flickgame by increpare (Stephen Lavelle)

pling pling by increpare (Stephen Lavelle)

PuzzleScript by increpare (Stephen Lavelle)

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Nice. Also, we definitely need sexy gay minotaurs <3