Use arrows to move! No endstate, just play until you're done with it!

Made for FLATJAM2018

In 2018, I recorded every game I played.

In March, I started writing a little bit about them.

I realized how much more powerful it is to give visibility to others' work, rather than trying to push out my own.

Within this game are 'fan art' renditions of elements of about 100 of these games. The original work belongs to their respective authors. 

Games referenced:

Games referenced with paper/shiny paper:

10000 Years by Heather Robertson

6180 the Moon by Turtle Cream

Bellwoods by Matt DesLauriers and Melissa Hernandez

Doom 1/2/3/64EX

Hook by Rainbow Train

ICARUS.1 by electrolyte

Imps R Us by Eliot Lash, Jonathan Camarena, Patrick Pacheco, Kyle Winn, Grant McPhreson

Lego Star Wars

Ludus Antioch by Trouv and Zathedon

Mirror's Edge

MMMMMM by increpare

N++ by Metanet Software

Neuropica by Will Smith

noice by henningboat

Orbiter Suite by k4ttenmaster


Running out of Power Inc. by Stuffed Wombat

Smithee by thatguynm

Spikes 'n' Stuff by Alan Hazelden

Spirits of Xanadu by Good Morning, Commander

Tarakannik 3 by Sasha

The Ball by Teotl Studios

The Lost Strawberry by egor dorichev

The Nightripper by Puppet Combo

The Swapper by Facepalm Games

Tiny FPS by MuscularHair


Games referenced (digital drawings):

10000 Years by Heather Robertson
2N1 by mr. a
A Little Bus Stop by Tom Kitchen
Borb the Birb by Ludonaut
Borgo the Cat — 3D Puzzle Game by Aaron Fimple
Breakpoint by Baycun, Sam Blye, Harrison Bright, Levi Davis, Jesse Hamel, Austin Hibbs, and Quade Zaban
Cat Bandit by eggnog
Circle Affinity by Kenny Sun
Constellations & Five-Stringed Instrument by Ian Snyder
CUBEISM by sutopat
Desert Golfing by Blinkbat Games
Devil Daggers by Sorath
Dinosaur Party by April Andrew/everythingstaken
don’t give up by hugs
Doom 3 by id Software
DRACULOID by TheCakeFlavor
Eldritch by David Pittman/Minor Key Games
Exit84 by probe_31
FALLOUT 5 by nuuup
Fish Upon a Star by Sayuri Fujimoto & Princess
Gem Flask (wandering game) by clyde
Gift by rxi
GOLFINITY by Nimblebit LLC
Hostile Interview by thatguynm
I can’t believe Paiva is making another of these car videogames by Pedro Paiva
I’ll Take You To Tomato Town by adamgryu, David Czar, Emma Mochi, and Mark Sparling
Into by animal phase
JIGGLY ZONE by sylvie & hubol
Jumpgrid by Ian MacLarty
Kairo by Richard Perrin
Kill the Superweapon Demo by Tales of the Renegade Sector
Little World by leafo
Lowglow by Rockodile
Ludus Antioch by trouv and Zatherdon
MirrorMoon EP by Santa Ragione
Mobility! Accesible precision platformer by Auroriax (Tom H.).
N++ by Metanet Software
Neuropica by Will Smith
NL by ompu co
Not the Robots by 2DArray
Orbiter Suite by kittenm4ster
Paratopic by ParatopicTeam
peek by emptyhalls
PiAwk (Demo) by HiWarp
Proteus by Twisted Tree
Rain World by Videocult
Regulation Pool by J. Kyle Pittman
Running out of Power Inc. by stuffedwombat
stale by Snapman
The Alpha Machine by xiotex
The Attic’s a Dungeon?! by Martian’s Parlor Entertainment
The Basics of Sacred Geometry by Yuliya Kozhemyako (Supr)
The Citadel by wildcard and avery
The Iceberg by Tom Brinton
The Invincible Run-Gun-Bot by GuerraGames
The Spicy Meatball Saves The Day by Cheeseness
The Swapper by Facepalm Games
The Tomatoes are OK by Dan Sanderson
The World Beneath by Clément Duquesne
TouretteQuest by larsiusprime
Tower of Guns by Terrible Posture Games
Veggie Panino Tactics by z_bill.
Vignettes by Skeleton Business
Waddleball by eggnog
What the Golf? (Prototype) by Triband
Wizard Shoes for Speedos by johnny
YOU CAN ONLY DIE 80 TIMES by John Bujalski & Nikki Bee & Decky Coss
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
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I liked you game a lot! I just wanted to float in the world of abstract and recognizable forms. I like the parallax effect. Very nice idea behind the game also.

This format is neat. Now I'm wondering if I can accomplish what I want to accomplish with nothing more than parallax.

Really love the idea behind this. Presenting the work of others and transforming your experience of the works of others into your own work. Pretty, weird and pretty weird. Really great. 

thank you(: