A downloadable love note for Windows and macOS

Hi! This is my entry to the flatjam. If you don't want to download the game, you can use the video on the right for the "walkthrough." (note: you'll probably have to pause at text to read it all///it's not super legible, sorry)

use the arrow keys to move. 

no audio

ALSO: if anyone wants to tell their stories with videogames, i'd love to hear it and maybe make something with it if there's enough people wanting to or maybe not idk lol

made for flatjam 2017

dedicated to everyone who put together flatjam 2016. you changed my life for the better. it's impossible to properly express my gratitude


flatjam2017linux.zip 82 MB
flatjam2017mac.app.zip 83 MB
flatjam2017windows.zip 79 MB

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