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this is autobiographical. the people within are based on real humans, but im omitting their names for privacy reasons. the drawings are based on real photos of them but theyre deffo not recognizable lol [i checked with my brother who attended the school]

im doing this to share my experience as a gay man. as per the title, this was a time before i was out. i know im not the only one eo experience things like this ,, and this is the kind of stuff i want to read, so... i figured ill just make it instead of waiting.

id love to hear your stories or comments or whatever. love you

note: if you download to print out, make sure to choose the a4 or us letter size

made with Electric Zine Maker by Nathalie Lawhead https://alienmelon.itch.io/electric-zine-maker @alienmelon

Zine format inspired by https://ludipe.itch.io/how-to-throw-an-amazing-party@Ludipe

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